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Elias Hatzi is an Australian musician, composer, entrepreneur, producer and recording artist. 
Born of Greek nationality, Elia became fascinated with music since a young age, and it was apparent that he had a great musical talent. Elia enjoys listening to music of different genres such as Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Flamenco and Greek. Spending hours in the studio practicing and running a music class which is occupied by students, has kept Elia busy.

Over the years Elia performed live in private functions and clubs across Sydney, Australia. Elia is also one of the most professional bouzouki musicians in the industry. The many talents of Elias Hatzi also include the guitar, bass, tzouras and baglama. Elia rose of fame in 2005 with the first album 'Ena Oneiro' and since has been one of the most anticipated and sought after Greek musician and composer in Australia.

The success of his second album in 2007 'Geia Sou' has established Elia as one of the most professional Greek musician and composer in the industry.

In 2008 Elias Hatzi released his most anticipated 'Live in Concert' album. Hatzi's 'Live in Concert' album featuring many prominent recording artist from the Greek music industry. In 2009, Elias Australian EP "Without You" was released and soon after, DJ HATZI was released. In 2011 Elias Hatzi released "Illusion" In 2014 Elias Australian EP "I Hate Goodbyes" was released.


Elias Hatzi's career is destined for continued success.

Louis 2015 Photoshoot
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